5 Tips on How to Stick to Your 2019 Budget

5 Tips on How to Stick to Your 2019 Budget

Happy New Year!

Now that the new year has started it is time to stick to those goals that you set for yourself.  Eat more vegetables, lose 10 pounds, and save more money might be a few of your resolutions. In January everyone is excited to start working on your resolutions, but somehow around June, that excitement stops.

Goals and resolutions are a great way to set your intention for the future. Planning out how you will achieve your goal is the best way to reach it.

Savings increase your financial security and assist you in making large purchases. You may want to use your savings to purchase your dream home, renovate your current home, or purchase an investment property this year.

Your savings can be the key to securing a bigger financial investment.


Here are 5 tips to help you stick to your budget for the entire year:

  1. Be realistic.

When you plan out your budget set realistic goals. If you know that your entertainment spending is $200 every month and you budgeted only $50, you may want to choose an amount that is more attainable. Try budgeting $100 a month on entertainment.

The biggest reason people fail at achieving their goals is that the goal is unrealistic. If you like to enjoy a movie or have dinner occasionally then you should continue to do the activities that you enjoy, just cut back slightly.

  1. Track your spending with a savings app. 

Savings apps are a great way to constantly check in with yourself. Mint, Clarity Money and Every Dollar are budget apps that can be used to track your daily spending right from your phone.

These apps have categories where you can assign a monthly spending amount. Each time you make a purchase and log it into the app it tracks how far along you are to reaching your spending limit.

  1. Have an accountability partner. 

Share your goal with your spouse, friends, siblings, or anyone close to you. Having the people around you aware of your personal goals can help to keep you on track. Use your accountability partner if you are having a weak moment and feel as if you have to have a new clothing item or electronics purchase.

  1. Pay your savings first.

 Since your goal is to save for the year. Why not pay your savings first? You are paying for your goal first and then paying for other items later. You won’t be as quick to spend more money on non-essential items if you know you have to take it from your savings account.

  1. Shop with a list. 

Proper planning when you go into a store will help you avoid those spur of the moment purchases. Having a list that you carefully thought out and with items that you need will avoid buying things you don’t need.


Hopefully, you can use these tips to help you reach your financial goals.  Happy saving and enjoy the new year!